Emergency Exit (or Zak's Emergency Exit) is a visual-based AI demo I created for an independent study course in my last year of college. While also learning Java 3D, I created a small level where Zak must make it to the top without being seen by enemies. I completed the demo in May 2004 but added a few features in the summer to utilize more Java 3D features (see Features below).

Note: I've taken down the link, as it required Java 3D and some special Java plugins that make it very hard to run now.


On a class trip to the museum, Zak breaks away from his group and ends up somewhere he shouldn't be, witnessing a crime in progress. He's spotted by somebody and has to make a hasty escape out the emergency exit. In an alleyway with enemies searching for him, he'll have to sneak past them to safety.


  • Visual-based Artificial Intelligence
  • Programmed with Java 3D
  • Was playable on the web via Java Applets

Later features:
  • Improved AI
  • Background music
  • Better viewcones
  • Agents react to each other
  • Varying agent speeds