My name is Justin McSweeney and I am a game and software developer from Denver, Colorado. I am credited on 8 shipped titles for roles including game design, QA, and game production. I currently lead a QA team for a respected game company working on a new IP. In my spare time I have made games using Unity and C#.


In Scatterbrains, you control a robot using punch cards to move around the game board, perform actions, and reach the goal in 10 minutes or less. But what happens when the game gets invaded by a horde of very dangerous enemies hungry for your CPU? 

Download Scatterbrains on PC!


Looks and plays like a board game, but no mess to clean up afterward! You and an AI opponent take turns using cards to control game pieces on the board. Customize your deck between missions.


Get to the top in 10 minutes or less. Race against the clock, and set your personal best speed run time. Character progress is saved as you unlock new abilities (cards).


If you like the game or would like to support further development, donations are appreciated! Pay whatever you want for PC version. This aids future development, as does any feedback you'd like to share!



Please share what could be done to make the experience better for you and other players... whether it be a bug fix or a suggestion you have for the game. Frequently suggested enhancements are more likely to be added to the game.


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